Trump Can Still Win the Election

The Man Is an Emotional Paradox

Arslan Ali
7 min readOct 31, 2020


Image by Owantana from Pixabay

Let’s face it: Trump is no regular politician. Nor should he be treated as such. Political pundits and people who have been in politics for decades thought of him as some sort of stupid brat with a narcissistic idea of becoming POTUS. They underestimated him and they underestimated the anger and hate that he was gradually but constantly helping to build in the American people.

Trump is not stupid. Not in the way people describe him or imagine him to be. He may not be able to appeal to a political science professor, but he knows how to appeal to the masses and to their emotions. And while few have a degree in politics, everyone has emotions. And that’s Trump's real strength.

All these analysts and journalists depict him as a sort of stupid infant who has no idea of what he’s doing. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t think he is the “stable genius” he proclaims to be. He does not have a plan on how to tackle some of the most pressing issues that are facing America and the world.

The point is this: he is terribly ignorant, but he is not stupid. And the sooner the media realizes this, the better. Because, right now, people are getting immune to the most scandalous and downright crazy things the man keeps saying. Just because he is Trump.

Throughout the years, since he first started insinuating he might run for office, he has pushed the bar of unacceptable things to say and do higher than one could have imagined (e.g. “Grab them by the p***y”). And after seeing there were no real consequences, he realized he can push it even further. But being Trump is no excuse to say and act in such a way.

NO ONE should be excused for this kind of behavior. No one. Especially if he is the POTUS. The man is supposed to be the leader of the free world!

Becoming somewhat accustomed to what he says or does is terribly dangerous. Over and over in history, we have seen such behavior in many dictators, from Mussolini to Hitler. First, they test other people's reactions, and if they feel there is no real downside— no definite line they can’t cross — stay assured they will cross any line you intrinsically thought could not be crossed.



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