Photo by Laith Abushaar on Unsplash

Tonight I’m catching a Dragon
By its tail, I’m pulling it back
without fear, I’m going to attack.

Tonight I’m conquering a mountain
Straight to the top, walking non-stop
until my vision becomes black
and the cold wind smacks
the air out of my lungs.

Tonight I’m fighting for my…



Photo by nikko macaspac on Unsplash

Trigger warning: Suicide

The hurt doesn’t hurt anymore
the water isn’t cold anymore
nothing hurts like before.

Anxiety-ridden, that’s how I’ve been living
all the places I went, they've been unforgiving
My pain never stopped digging
Will I ever find something relieving?

Why is the world so bleak?
Why am I…



Arslan Ali

Code artist by the day, writer by the night. Bookworm living in Italy.